Why some air conditioning workers might be headed to the U.S.

Why some air conditioning workers might be headed to the U.S.

A new study suggests that air conditioning positions in North Carolina could be up for grabs if the state moves to expand its solar program, and that the U,N.

climate accord could force North Carolina to seek some of those jobs.

The study was conducted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

The researchers looked at the potential jobs in the solar industry in North Carolinas and the solar power sector in the state.

The solar jobs would likely pay well enough to support the family, according to the report.

That’s because the jobs could be in a region that is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers.

The research suggests that the solar jobs could fill the same roles that air conditioners did decades ago, the Associated Press reported.

“Solar and wind power have become the fastest growing energy sources in North America, with total investment in the renewable energy sector surpassing $1 trillion, and solar is projected to be the nation’s largest renewable energy generator by 2020,” said the report, which was written by the researchers at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science in Boulder, Colorado.

The Solar Energy Industries Association, the largest trade group for the industry, recently said that solar would become the second-largest source of electricity generation in the United States in 2021.

In the study, the authors said the jobs would not be for a few years.

“The vast majority of the solar and wind jobs will likely stay in the U., and the vast majority will probably stay in North Dakota, Oregon and other places in the Midwest and South, where there is a large solar employment base,” the researchers said.

“Some will move to the states of California and Texas.

Some will be moved to other regions.

And some will simply go somewhere else.”

The solar industry is growing quickly in the Northeast and Midwest, and has been gaining in popularity in the last decade, said Adam Ekins, the president of the Solar Energy Industry Association.

The industry employs more than 2.4 million people, according the group.

The jobs could pay well, Ekins said.

The job of an air conditioning technician is the same job, in that you do that job, but you get paid more.

“And in the next five to 10 years, there will be more and more people in this industry, as they’re trained to do different jobs,” he said.

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