‘You’re not a good tenant’: Inside the house of a woman who claims she was fired after a long battle with the man who rented her apartment

‘You’re not a good tenant’: Inside the house of a woman who claims she was fired after a long battle with the man who rented her apartment

Posted March 08, 2019 09:07:38 A woman who claimed she was sacked after a lengthy battle with her landlord has spoken out about how she was treated by a “shocking” eviction notice she received at her home.

The notice, which was served on her on March 5, said her rent had been “set at $8.30 per fortnight” and that she was to pay rent “in full” in a month’s time.

Ms Grieve said she was stunned by the letter.

“I was shocked and shocked by it.

I’m not sure what to do.

I had no idea what to say,” she said.

Ms Wiggle said she had already applied for a rent increase and that the notice she was served was still on her record.

“They were trying to get a rent rise for me, to take my rent up, to pay my rent and I was not aware of that until I got a notice from the landlord saying my rent had gone up.”

My rent is at $9.30 a week, so that’s $10 a fortnight.

“Ms Wigg said the landlord had told her the increase would be $3 a fortnight, but she could not see how it would be worth paying the extra money.”

It was very confusing and it was very shocking,” she told the ABC.”

He’s obviously going to try and take the rent back, but it wasn’t really fair for me.

“As a tenant, as someone who works full time and doesn’t have the right to take a salary and pay rent in a week’s time, I’m just so upset and disappointed that I didn’t get the full rent.”

Ms Grieves legal team has filed a complaint with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

“They [the landlord] did try to get me to pay the rent, they tried to get [my partner] to take the money from me, and they said it’s not fair for him to take it and pay it,” she added.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever been through.

This was a huge shock for me and I didn�t expect it to happen, but obviously it happened.”

A VACAT spokesman said the tribunal had been notified of the complaint.”VCAT has taken the matter up with the tenant and he has agreed to take part in a mediation process,” the spokesman said.

“If the tenant does not respond to the mediation, he may be required to repay the rent.”

She added that a court hearing would take place within six months.

MsWiggle said the eviction notice had been sent in the middle of the night on March 10, but the landlord was not there to respond to her complaint.

Mr Hogg, the landlord, was not available for comment on Friday.VCAT spokesman Jason Crouch said the complaint was a first step towards a full investigation into the eviction.

“We are currently investigating the matter to determine the reasons for the notice to be served, and are awaiting the outcome of that investigation before making any further comment,” he said.

He said the VACT had received no complaints from tenants about the landlord or the tenancy agreement.”VACAT is currently investigating an allegation of discrimination in a housing service, but we will take action if appropriate,” he added.


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