A man and a dog have a thing for each other

A man and a dog have a thing for each other

A man who owns a cabin air conditioner company has made a documentary about the love story of a mechanic.

Lad Bible has captured the life and passion of Joe and Karen Boesel in their cabin air conditioning business.

The Boesels moved to Florida from Florida after moving to Colorado to start their own business in 2007, and they now own a cabin-based business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.LAD Bible has made the Boeses a household name on television.

Joe and his wife, Karen, and their two sons, Brandon and Ryan, are regulars on “American Idol.”

Karen Boesen has been an on-air personality since 2009.

She’s known for her work as a reporter on NBC’s “Today,” and she’s also an actress, author, and television producer.

Karen’s husband, Joe, is a real estate agent and the owner of a cabin in Fort Myers, Florida, and has worked with Joe for more than a decade.

They have a 7-year-old son, Ryan.KPBS’ Bob and Amy Brown have been friends with Joe and have been talking about making a documentary on Joe for a year, but they didn’t have the money for a director or a crew, so they called LAD Bible.KJ: Why did you decide to make this documentary?JB: It’s been so much fun.

We’ve been friends for almost three years.

I’ve been to the Bodesons’ house a lot, and I have watched the show.KM: How did you come up with the idea for the film?JB; The Boesens started doing radio interviews for us in 2010.

We were just kind of curious.

KJ: What was your first reaction to it?JB (laughing): We were really into the show and we just loved the show so much.

We wanted to make it into a movie.KJM: What were some of the challenges you faced when making the documentary?JM: It was hard to make the documentary without Joe’s voice.

He was a big part of it.KJV: What did you learn about Joe from watching “American Idiot”?JB: He had a lot of questions.

He didn’t know where the story was going and how to make that story more compelling.

KJM: You say he didn’t.JB: No.

He just knew what he wanted to do.

KJV: You said that Joe was a real-life version of yourself.JB (giggling): He was just a real life version of me.KJB: You know, he is my real life.

That’s why we have this big thing where we’re all friends and family, and we’re doing all this work.KJA: What is your favorite episode?JB:(laughing) The one where we all got together in the car, and it was a special moment.

It was a family day, and Joe and I were in the back seat, and the show was playing.

And Joe asked Karen if she wanted to be the mother, so we all said yes.

KJA: I’m just amazed at that.JB:(laughs) That was the moment that I’m always talking about.

KKJ (laugh): The moment that makes me feel like I’m back in the real world.JB(laughing).

It was the first time I had seen a car.

We did it together and it had a little bit of a romantic feel to it.

The next episode we were driving through a town and it started getting hot, and when we got back into the car it started heating up again.KKJ(laugh): You’re doing a lot more than driving around in the heat!JB:(laughter) We just kind have this routine.

KKA: How do you stay warm?JB(laughs): You get a pillow and you lay down on it.

It keeps you warm.KKA: You’re a hothead!JB(laughter): It’s all in my head.KJC: Do you like hot dogs?JB?

They’re not my favorite thing, but I don’t really care.

KLA: What’s your favorite song?JB.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite song.

KJJ: What do you like to do with your hands?JB.: I love to do the piano.

I’m not really a musician, but my father taught me to play the piano, and that’s how I learned how to play it.

KJB: Is there anything else you want to say to the people who watch “American Dad?”JB: I’d like to thank my wife, who is my best friend.

I would like to say thank you to my two kids, who are great kids.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the people at the airport, the people in

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