What you need to know about the Tropicana air conditioning contract

What you need to know about the Tropicana air conditioning contract

Tampa, Florida – With the Florida Tropicane Air Conditioning contract set to expire in the summer, it is time to put the contract on hold.

A spokesperson for the Tropanana said: “We are working to make the contract available to interested parties in the coming weeks.”

In a statement on its website, Tropanina said it “cannot provide additional information at this time.”

The Tropananas contract is worth approximately $1.8bn and is currently the second largest contract in the US, after the US Air Force’s $8.7bn contract with United Parcel Service.

The Tropanes contract is set to end on August 1st, 2018, according to a report in The Tampa Bay Times.

The US government, the Tropana, the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the Tropanes are among the entities that have been negotiating with the Tropane, a subsidiary of the Florida Power & Light Company.

The contracts expire at the end of August.

The Tropanes have been contracted for a decade.

The contract covers the air conditioning systems used in the Tropas main air conditioning fleet, which includes 1,600 condominiums, 200 luxury apartments and 2,500 office buildings, according the Times.

The contracts were awarded in 2010 and 2012, according a Tropanas website.

Tropanas contract was awarded for $1,874m in 2010.

The US Air Forces contract is estimated to be worth more than $1bn.

The Florida State University (FSU) has also awarded Tropannas contract to run its campus and the Florida Zoo, with the company also managing Florida International University.

The Florida Zoo was one of the first facilities to receive the contract.

A spokesperson for Florida’s Department of Agriculture said: “[The Tropans contract] is an investment in our state and we’re committed to using the proceeds to expand agricultural production and rural jobs across the state.”

The Florida Tropanano is also contracted for an additional $932m in the future.

The company is working on the future of the contract, which is expected to be in place by the end for the next contract.

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