ABC News Air Conditioning News: New Zealand air conditioning

ABC News Air Conditioning News: New Zealand air conditioning

New Zealand’s air conditioning market is set to be among the most expensive in the world next year, with prices rising at the fastest rate in more than a decade.

Air Conditioning is an industry that has seen rapid growth over the last decade and will see a huge increase in demand for air conditioning units in 2020, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The cost of air conditioning systems in New Zealand jumped by about 9 per cent to an average of $10,600 per household last year, according a report by consultants ACAC.

That means consumers are paying more to keep their homes warm.

The ACAC report, which looked at the cost of systems and accessories used by households, showed air conditioners and furnaces accounted for 70 per cent of all costs for air conditioner customers in 2020.

Air conditioners also accounted for an additional $3.2 billion in costs to New Zealand households in the first nine months of 2020, which was up from $2.6 billion the year before.

It means that the market will be among those most expensive to run for the next decade.

ACAC says that by 2020, about 60 per cent more people will be using air conditioning than are currently using it.

New Zealanders will be paying $3,900 more for airconditioners in 2020 compared with the year previous, the report found.

The cost increases are set to accelerate as a result of two measures being announced by the Government: a carbon tax and a tax on carbon dioxide emissions.

The carbon tax will increase to $15 a tonne from the current $15 and an extra 1.5 cents a litre of CO2 from the $1.50 a litres currently being taxed.

New South Wales will also introduce a carbon levy of $1 a tonney from next year.

It comes after a number of recent measures to help low-income households have their energy bills reduced.

In January, the Government announced a $500 rebate for customers who are on low incomes and a $5 rebate for those on lower incomes.

Earlier this year, the Australian Federal Government announced $1 million for households who are not in a high-income bracket to help them with their energy costs.

Australia’s energy market is also expected to become more competitive in the coming years as the market expands and more people are buying more air condition and heating equipment.

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