When Tesla Air Conditioning Basics: How to save money and save energy with a breeze air conditioning

When Tesla Air Conditioning Basics: How to save money and save energy with a breeze air conditioning

With air conditioning costs rising, many home owners are now turning to electric energy-saving measures.

Here are 10 ways to reduce the price of air conditioning.


Plug in to a home automation system or smart thermostat 2.

Install a wind breaker in the middle of the room 3.

Install the Tesla Air Condenser in the bathroom 4.

Install an electric-powered window blind to let in natural light 5.

Install solar panels to keep your home from being shut off 6.

Replace a deadbolt or door with an air conditioning fan 7.

Install LED lights in your home to light up the night, even during the night 8.

Use the Tesla Energy Switch to switch between AC and DC power when required 9.

Install batteries in the home to store power during times of peak demand.


Install automatic temperature sensors and LED lighting.

1/ The Tesla Air Convenience Bundle ($100 off) is a set of three air conditioning appliances that include a Tesla Air-Conditioning Basics Starter Kit, Air Conditioner Basics Starter Pack and a Tesla Energy-Switching Starter Pack.

This set comes with a Tesla Powerwall, Tesla Energy Smart Energy System, and a pair of Tesla Air Generators for $100 off the list price.

2/ The $1,000 Tesla Aircon Basics Starter kit includes a Tesla air conditioning appliance, a solar panel, an electric fan, and an LED light.

3/ The “Tesla Air Con Convenient Bundle” includes a $1-1,200 Tesla Air CONvenient Starter Kit and an Tesla Air conditioning system, with a solar and LED light for $1 each.

4/ The Advanced Tesla Air Cooling Basics ($1,400 off) and the Advanced Tesla AC-DC Combo ($1 to $2,400) are two air conditioning bundles that include the Tesla Powerhouse AC and AC-Electric appliances for $2 to $4, respectively.

5/ The Amazon Alexa Air Conditioners ($400 off and $300 off) come with an electric heat pump, an air conditioner, an LED fan, a window blind, a power inverter, and power inverters for $300.

6/ The Echo Air Conditionable ($300 off and up) is an air conditioned living room and kitchen unit.

It has an Amazon Alexa voice assistant that can access the Tesla Home app to control air conditioners and smart thermic units, including the Tesla Solar-Solar Energy Control.

7/ The Nest Air Condition ($600) is designed to keep a refrigerator from shutting off during the hottest of times, and is perfect for those who live in colder climates.

8/ The Smart Thermostat ($2,000) comes with smart thermometers, an infrared thermometer, and LED lights for $3,000.

9/ The Solar-Power Air Conditioned Starter Kit ($4,500) includes the Tesla Supercharger for $5,000 and a solar-powered air conditioning system.

10/ The Energy-Switch is an electric air condition fan that plugs into the Tesla power inverting circuit, and can control the thermostats and fans in your house.

1 / The Tesla Energy Charging Basics Kit includes an air compressor, a water pump, and two solar panels for $8,200.

2 / The $2-1 Tesla Air Charging Basic Starter Kit includes a water compressor, air conditioning units, a light, and lights for a total of $839.

3 / The “Energy-Switch” is an EV charger that plugs in to the Tesla inverting system and can be used to charge your Tesla EV and other EV vehicles.

4 / The Advanced Energy-Turning Starter Kit is a smart thermo-amp that plugs directly into the solar panel.

It can control thermostatics, air condition, and smart devices for $4 to $6, and it comes with four solar panels, four solar-panel heaters, and eight solar-power inverters.

5 / The Amazon Echo Air Charger ($3,500 and up), is a home energy-monitoring device that can monitor your home’s energy usage.

It is a solar charging device that plugs straight into the wall outlet, and comes with an Amazon Echo speaker and an Alexa voice remote.

6 / The Echo Smart Energy Charger includes a smart water heater, an electrical fan, an AC-electric fan, LED lights, and the ability to control your home with Alexa.

7 / The Air Generator is a new type of air condition and heating system that plugs onto the Tesla solar-electric system, and provides an electric heating and cooling for your home.

8 / The Solar Power-Switched Starter Kit comes with the Tesla Smart Energy Control and can operate a solar array, air-conditioning, and other solar-energy systems.

9 / The Energy Switch is a power-generating fan that

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