Air conditioning belt is on sale at the home of the Air Force’s longest-serving fighter pilot

Air conditioning belt is on sale at the home of the Air Force’s longest-serving fighter pilot

The Air Force is offering to sell a belt to help the longest-tenured fighter pilot of the modern era retire after his retirement.

The belt, a combination of a belt and an air-conditioning fan, is available for $150,000.

It comes with an air conditioner and a heating element.

“We have a lot of the same concerns that the service had,” Air Force Capt. Mike Farr told ABC News.

“We have concerns about not being able to pay for this stuff.

We have concerns that it will break down.”

The Air Force has also started working with the National Air and Space Museum to purchase the belt.

The Air and Missile Museum said the belt is in its “designing stages” and that it plans to begin using it next year.

Farr said the Air and Marine Corps’ chief of staff, Gen. James Amos, told him the belt was needed because he could not afford his air conditioning.

Amos told Farr that the belt could be “the thing that saves his life.”

The belt is designed to keep the service’s pilots cool at night, but it also has an additional function, Farr said.

It has a “fans on the belt” that allows the belt to automatically cool the belt when the pilots are away from home.

The Air and Navy have offered similar belts for their sailors, but the service has decided not to offer the same service to its officers, said Farr, who is retired and has never flown.

“They’re not going to fly it, they’re not taking it up,” he said.

The service will start selling the belt in December, Fars said.

The military said in an e-mailed statement that it has asked a U.S. Army contractor to build and test a replacement.

Farr’s company is working on a belt that can be used by the service, he said, but he does not know if it will be offered in the future.

“This belt is going to make a difference,” Farr added.

It’s a piece of equipment that has saved my life, but if they can’t make it, I’d rather not take it.”

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