How to avoid a TSA agent in the middle of a flight

How to avoid a TSA agent in the middle of a flight

A woman who was waiting for a flight after the Boston Marathon bombing told Fox News that a TSA employee told her she could “avoid him” if she wanted to wear an Air Conditioning Suit.

“If you’re going to have a problem with him, don’t have a suit on.

That’s how I’m going to deal with him,” Marjorie Miller said.

Miller, who has a doctorate in health and human services, was at Boston Logan International Airport to go to the airport’s pre-run check-in meeting.

She had already left Boston to go for a long drive with her son and a friend to visit her grandmother.

“They told me I could go through security if I had an Air Cooled Suit.

I thought that was so cool, but then they came up to me and said ‘you have to have it on.

You have to show your ID,'” Miller said.”

I was like ‘what?’ and they were like ‘well, you can’t wear an air conditioned or suit on the plane, but you can have your jacket on,'” Miller told FoxNews.com.

Miller said she went through security because she thought it would be more difficult to get through airport security without the Air Cooler on her.

“I think it would have been harder to go through airport,” Miller said, “but I guess I was kind of surprised because I think I would have just gotten into the airplane and done it on my own.”

Miller said the TSA agent came up and asked her if she had a suit, but she said she was told to “show your ID.”

Miller says she went to the baggage claim area where she said the agent asked if she needed a shirt, but when she refused, the agent was “pretty rude.”

Miller was told she was being rude because she was wearing a shirt.

“And I said ‘no, I’m wearing my jacket on,’ and I was like, ‘I’m wearing the jacket on my jacket,'” Miller explained.

“But the guy just looked at me like, well, you know, you’re a shirtless man,'” Miller added.

Miller then asked the TSA official why she had to put on her jacket, and he said it would not work.

Miller was also asked to put her shirt on and she refused.

“She was like this is my way of apologizing,” Miller explained, “and I was just like ‘no.’

And I was also kind of like, why?

And she was like you know I have to put it on, and I said okay.”

Miller told Fox that she was shocked when she got home.

“Honestly, I was really shocked.

I mean, you don’t just get to do this in a line like this,” Miller told the Fox News crew.

Miller’s husband is a TSA Agent, and her son is a security guard at the airport.

She said that she thinks the TSA has become more aggressive since the bombing.

“It was a lot easier to go after him in the airport because I had a jacket on, but I think they’ve gone too far in terms of their attitude,” Miller admitted.

“So, I think that the whole reason why they put out flyers about the jacket and putting them in the line, they’re trying to show that they’re tough,” Miller added, referring to TSA agents who have been caught wearing shirts or jackets while on duty.

Miller and her family live in Westport, Connecticut.

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