How wind and water can slow the effects of Tropical Storm Harvey on wind and surface waves

How wind and water can slow the effects of Tropical Storm Harvey on wind and surface waves

A wind-driven hurricane can bring down a large portion of the coastal U.S. in a single storm.

But when a tropical storm hits the Gulf Coast, it can make it even harder to see a lot of rainfall and flood damage, say meteorologists.

In fact, the National Hurricane Center estimates the area under a hurricane’s influence will be down to 1.2 to 2.2 square miles (about 2.6 to 3.3 square kilometers) within a week of landfall.

The center said that this will be enough to make it difficult for residents to access their property.

So how does that affect how much damage is possible?

The wind will be stronger than normal winds, which will make it harder to generate waves and bring in rain.

The storm will also bring more moisture to the area, which could result in a much drier and cooler day for many areas.

The National Hurricane Centers website says a lot depends on the storm’s path, but this is a good place to start.

The area where the storm is headed from north to south, or from west to east, can be affected by the amount of rain.

And as the storm moves from the east to the west, the area will see more rainfall and less snow.

So you’ll see a larger area under water, and you’ll also see more snow, said David Schlosser, the hurricane center’s director of tropical research.

And then as the hurricane moves from north of the coast to the east, it’ll be much driter and cooler, he said.

Wind gusts will be greater in areas that are wetter and warmer, which might also affect the amount and strength of rainfall.

So if you’re trying to find a way to get a lot more rainfall than you would normally, you might want to get wetter.

But in general, this is the wind and rain combination that will bring the most rainfall, Schlossers said.

But you might see more waterfalls in areas where there’s a lot water vapor.

That’s because more water vapor means a lot less precipitation.

And more water will also cause some clouds to form, which is also a good thing, he added.

What to do if your home is affected by a hurricane: If you live in a building that’s flooded or damaged, you’ll need to call a certified hurricane shelter.

In those cases, you need to be prepared to stay in a hotel room or apartment for the night and be on your guard against water that might come down the stairwell or the roof.

If you’re a person who lives near a building and needs to leave your home to go to a shelter, you may need to pack up your belongings and head to your home.

For the rest of us, the best thing is to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings, said Jeff Henningsen, the director of meteorology for the National Weather Service.

It’s good to be able to keep your home as safe as possible, he told ABC News.

He advised people to call their local emergency room if they need medical help.

But he also warned people to take it easy and wait for the storm to pass before taking shelter.

For those in the hurricane zone, you can still be vulnerable to flooding if you are in an area where there is lots of water vapor, so be cautious.

If the storm has a path through the area where you live, it will be much easier for you to see water, Hennesen said.

It might also help to check out some of the information on our Hurricane Center website.

For more information, check out this map.

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