Why is the Air Force Air Force’s new AC-130 gunship so good at bombing targets?

Why is the Air Force Air Force’s new AC-130 gunship so good at bombing targets?

It’s a long time since the Air Corps fired a weapon that could be considered as a ground-to-air missile.

The first AC-18 gunship was first introduced in 1986, and it went on to be the Air National Guard’s primary ground-attack aircraft until 2008.

However, as the war in Iraq neared its end, the Air Service began moving away from air-to.-air weaponry in favor of ground-and-air weaponry.

The Air Force did so in part because it wanted to keep the aircrafts flying longer and to prevent the AC-22s from getting out of control and becoming airborne targets.

The AC-21 was retired in 2007, and the ACs are still considered the backbone of the AC force.

But they have not been replaced with ground-launched air-defense missiles.

In 2017, the service announced plans to acquire four AC-30s.

One of those new gunships is the AC130B.

The new gunship, known as the AC 130B, is designed to be a more efficient and versatile ground- and air-based missile system.

The air-launching system will allow the AC to fire a wide range of air-warfare munitions.

The system will also provide improved survivability by eliminating the need for the AC gunship to deploy to high altitudes, the Navy says.

The Army plans to purchase two AC-20s.

The Navy plans to use the AC 20 for ground-targeting.

It is the only time the Navy has actually used the AC20 for that purpose.

The other AC-10 is a long-range missile that can be used in an anti-ship cruise missile.

Both of those weapons are not as accurate as the Air Combat Command’s newer air-and/or ground-strike missiles, but they are better at hitting targets at long range.

It also comes with the ability to carry a wide variety of bombs, missiles, and bombs-of-war.

The two ACs were first delivered to the Air Support Command in 2010.

The Pentagon plans to buy an additional 10 ACs over the next five years.

These weapons can be deployed as a single aircraft, as a two-person unit, or as a squad of two.

The current ACs will be phased out in 2026, and their replacement will be a newer AC130.

The program also plans to add a ground attack variant of the Air Command’s newest missile.

This AC-12 is a variant of its existing AC-13 and AC-14 that can fire both air- and ground-based munitions.

It was first delivered in 2010, and is slated to be retired in 2028.

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