Trump says Air Conditioning Is Going To ‘Take Out’ Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Trump says Air Conditioning Is Going To ‘Take Out’ Trump’s Presidential Campaign

The presidential campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to be dogged by an alleged sexual assault case involving a model who says he was assaulted by Trump.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that a model named Michael McAvoy filed a civil lawsuit against Trump in August.

He alleged that Trump had made inappropriate advances toward her and then raped her in December 2016.

The lawsuit, which McAvoys lawyers say is the first to be filed by a former Trump employee, alleged that the businessman had engaged in sexual assault and battery in New York City and other locations.

McAvoy was one of two women who claimed Trump groped them during a 2005 interview on Howard Stern’s radio show.

He said he was forced to give up his modeling career after a “hostile and hostile” environment in which he was told by others that Trump was not to be trusted.

Trump has denied the allegations.

He told Howard Stern that he “never did anything like that.”

He also said he didn’t know of the lawsuit until after he filed it, according to the Washington Post.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the lawsuit, McAvies lawyer said the sexual harassment allegations “could have easily been avoided had Trump not engaged in behavior which would have made it impossible for him to pursue women in the first place.”

Trump’s campaign released a statement Tuesday night denying the allegations:Trump’s response to the lawsuit:McAvoys lawyer, who also filed the lawsuit against the campaign, said Trump’s alleged actions in New Jersey were not sexual assault.

Trump also denies the allegations and said he would have done the same.

The campaign’s statement said the lawsuit is “politically motivated.”

“This is nothing more than the political ploy of a political campaign to try and take down a sitting president, and the entire political class that Trump represents, who is one of the great political figures in the history of the world,” it said.

The lawsuit, the latest of several lawsuits against Trump, comes as the GOP nominee faces a national backlash over sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against him.

A federal judge on Monday ordered the Trump campaign to turn over all the emails it had on the former president’s accusers, which include former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his wife Jill.

The court also ordered the campaign to make public any financial records it had relating to the allegations against Lewandowski.

Trump said the case was politically motivated, and said it is unfair for the press to report what he’s done to the women who accuse him of sexual misconduct.

The Republican nominee also said the allegations have not been proven in court.

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