The Roberts Air Conditioning Deal: The Best Deal in Air Conditioner Repair

The Roberts Air Conditioning Deal: The Best Deal in Air Conditioner Repair

In 2008, Robert and Barbara Robert made a life-changing decision: they decided to open their own business in Anchorage.

They purchased their first air conditioner, a $1,000-a-month unit from a local manufacturer, for $3,000.

The couple would rent the unit from Anchorage’s new air conditioners and install air conditioning units throughout the city.

Within a year, they had installed more than 1,200 units.

In 2016, the Robersts built a second-floor air conditioning unit on their second floor.

“We’ve been doing it every single day since then,” Barbara Robert says.

“It’s not just a small business, it’s a small town.”

In 2017, the company moved to a second building in the same complex.

Since then, they’ve built a third-floor unit, and a fourth-floor one, and now the Robers are building a new building.

In February 2018, the brothers decided to give the building a makeover.

The building is undergoing renovations to make it more appealing to tourists.

It also includes an elevator to the fifth floor.

They are currently renovating a second unit on the fifth-floor.

“Our goal is to make the building more attractive for the tourists,” Robert Robers says.

The remodeling will help the building to be a more pleasant place for visitors.

“I can see the people coming in, going out,” Robert says.

It will also help the business, which already has a positive sales and customer relationship with tourists, according to Barbara.

“If they see a picture of our building, they’ll think we’re cool,” Barbara says.

While the renovation is in progress, the family is not the only ones who are looking forward to the new building’s arrival.

The new building will also be home to an air conditioning repair shop, which will have a full staff of people to help with repairs.

And the Robert family is also looking to open another business in the future.

“They’re trying to find a new job for the family, and we want to have a small restaurant here, too,” Barbara explains.

But first, the new owners are getting their air conditionors professionally cleaned and painted.

“This is a big project,” Barbara adds.

“But we’re confident that we can do it.

We just have to work hard to get there.”

And Barbara Robernts’ love for their business is still unwavering.

“My husband and I love this business,” she says.

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