How to build a desert air conditioner with an air filter

What you need to know about building a desert electric air conditioning system article The Irish newspaper, The Irish Post, published a story this week on how an air conditioning unit can be built using a simple bolt-on system, and in particular a simple air filter.The idea is to create a system where the water from the air conditioning has […]

How to fix your house and home

It’s been more than two years since the air conditioning unit in the Buehler home in the central Israel town of Nablus broke down, sending the family into a panic.It was the fourth time in six months that the unit had failed.In a year and a half, Buehner said, he has been forced to make costly repairs and install new […]

What’s next for the “A-Team”?

In a series of posts on the company’s Facebook page, co-creator and “The A-Team” actor Chris Pine revealed the show’s future plans.“It’s the end of this story,” he wrote, referencing the conclusion of the fourth season.“We’re all going to go home.This is the end.The world is coming to an end.”Pine’s post came as the “Frozen” franchise was ending after more […]

Why the Nexus 6P won’t be the next Nexus smartphone

The Nexus 6S has been a massive success, selling over 500,000 units in just three weeks of sales.However, it wasn’t long before many were calling the Nexus 7 successor.That’s when it was revealed that it would be made by the same company as the Nexus 5X, a device that is now one of the best selling smartphones of all time.And […]

Air Conditioning Expert: ‘No way’ to remove COVID-19 from COVID victims

AIR CONDITIONING EXPERTS: ‘NO WAY’ TO REMOVE COVID FROM COVID VICTIMS…THE SAME ‘RECOVERY’ THAT IS SUPPLIED BY THE MEDIA!COVID DISEASE PREVENTS RETURN OF SICKNESS FROM HEALTH CARE TO THE PUBLIC!The CDC is now advising Americans to NOT go outside during COVID/HIV season to prevent further COVID spread.This “recommendation” was issued by Dr. Thomas Frieden, the Director of the CDC.“The CDC […]

‘You’re not a good tenant’: Inside the house of a woman who claims she was fired after a long battle with the man who rented her apartment

Posted March 08, 2019 09:07:38 A woman who claimed she was sacked after a lengthy battle with her landlord has spoken out about how she was treated by a “shocking” eviction notice she received at her home.The notice, which was served on her on March 5, said her rent had been “set at $8.30 per fortnight” and that she was […]

How to choose the right air conditioning unit for your car

By choosing the right type of air conditioning for your vehicle, you can ensure a healthy and comfortable driving experience.Here are some tips for choosing the best type of unit for the right purpose.Air conditioning is not the only way to keep the vehicle running at night.The use of lighting, air conditioning or any other heat-generating device can also help […]

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