When to buy a diamond air conditioning unit

When you’re looking for a diamond-top air conditioning system that’s comfortable and cool, consider these five things you should know.The first thing you need to know is that diamond air conditioners aren’t always the best choice for those with dry skin, according to research.However, if you’re comfortable with dry and sensitive skin, a diamond could be a good option for […]

Alaska air conditioning gets new lease with new owner

Alaska Air Conditioning Inc. has signed a new lease on a major portion of the company’s business, adding to its growing footprint.The Anchorage-based company, which has been based in Anchorage since 1996, said in a statement Thursday it would lease the company-owned facilities at its new Anchorage, Alaska headquarters from Air Condition Supply Co. The lease includes leasing facilities at […]

When Tesla Air Conditioning Basics: How to save money and save energy with a breeze air conditioning

With air conditioning costs rising, many home owners are now turning to electric energy-saving measures.Here are 10 ways to reduce the price of air conditioning.1.Plug in to a home automation system or smart thermostat 2.Install a wind breaker in the middle of the room 3.Install the Tesla Air Condenser in the bathroom 4.Install an electric-powered window blind to let in […]

How to get the most out of your air conditioning system

If you’re looking for the best air conditioning for your home or office, you’re in luck.From air conditioning to thermostat to smart thermostats, the internet has it covered, but it’s often a matter of finding the right air conditioning solution for your budget and your needs.Here’s everything you need to know to know about air conditioning.1.What are the different types […]

What is a ‘Bob’s Air Conditioning’ in Canada?

Canada has been testing its air conditioning system for more than a decade to find out.Now, a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says the system is working.The study says the technology may have saved more than one million lives and more than $200 million over the past five years.It also found there are no adverse health effects […]

Air Conditioning Jobs Decline, More Jobs Needed

JOBS DECLINE REPEATEDLY IN WASHINGTON IN AUGUST, WITH AGE-ENDING COSTS MIGHTINGY FOR DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE JOB APPLICATION TOPIC.The job growth slowed to 3.1 percent in the month of August, down from 4.1% in the prior month, the Labor Department said on Friday.The unemployment rate rose to 5.3 percent, the lowest since October 2016.“In the current economic environment, the U.S. economy […]

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