Steve’s air conditioner is a bit of a flop

Steve’s Air Conditioner is the new go-to for those who need a bit more air in their life, but the company is facing backlash over its price tag.The company is trying to make the air conditioners available at lower prices, but there’s no word yet on whether or not it will sell the units for less than the advertised price.The […]

When the Airflow Air Conditioner Gets a New Design

IGN article Airflow air conditioners have long been a source of concern for air conditioning customers, with complaints that the air conditioning systems themselves often leak.Now, some Airflow fans will be getting a new design that will help combat this problem.According to IGN, two air flow fans from Peaden are getting a redesign.The new design will help alleviate some of […]

How to make the best air conditioning in the US

The best air conditioners in the world are expensive.That’s the main point of the latest research from Aviva, a leading American research company.The company said its data shows that people living in areas with high demand for air conditioning pay around 20% more for the same air conditioning system in the United States than in countries with low demand.The biggest […]

‘No, I am not going to pay you’: Woman goes on rant about $7000-a-year air conditioner

Posted September 13, 2018 12:14:59 A woman in Sydney’s south-west has taken to Twitter to express her disgust at her pay packet for air conditioning.The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, claims she was charged an average of $7,826 for the air conditioners she had bought for her home.The air conditioning was installed by a local contractor who said he […]

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