Air Conditioning Check for Car and Truck Drivers in Quebec

Ontario is testing a program to check drivers for car and truck air conditioning when they return to their homes.The program is part of a pilot program that will test new air conditioning technologies to ensure safe air quality for Ontarians, the Ministry of the Environment said.Ontario has been using a system of automated testing that monitors air conditioners in […]

Why air conditioners are becoming cheaper and more popular

It’s the latest trend in consumer electronics.Air conditioners and other devices are becoming more affordable and easier to use.Many people have never seen a real-world example of an air conditioner being used to save money.It’s called the air condition for $200.It can also be used to replace a furnace.So what’s the big deal?Here are some of the pros and cons […]

What you need to know about the Tropicana air conditioning contract

Tampa, Florida – With the Florida Tropicane Air Conditioning contract set to expire in the summer, it is time to put the contract on hold.A spokesperson for the Tropanana said: “We are working to make the contract available to interested parties in the coming weeks.”In a statement on its website, Tropanina said it “cannot provide additional information at this time.”The […]

How to buy a new air conditioner in Washington state

If you’re looking for a new home air conditioning unit in Washington, you might want to consider an American Express travel credit card.The credit card’s rewards program, which began in late January, gives travelers access to rewards like hotel rooms, dining reservations, and more.While the credit card does require a $50 annual fee, the credit cards offer perks like free […]

A man and a dog have a thing for each other

A man who owns a cabin air conditioner company has made a documentary about the love story of a mechanic.Lad Bible has captured the life and passion of Joe and Karen Boesel in their cabin air conditioning business.The Boesels moved to Florida from Florida after moving to Colorado to start their own business in 2007, and they now own a […]

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